This is a project created in Unity simulating a grocery store. In this project I’m using the API from Kolonial.no,  an online grocery store service. The plan is to make a grocery store simulator where you can walk around the store shopping online. At the end you’d checkout through the browser and get the goods delivered to your door.


Video demonstrating adding product to the shopping cart updates the real cart.


Demonstrating loading products from the web store in to the simulation.

Unity Examn Runner Game

This is a game made in unity for an examn for a course in Unity. We received a simple running game in the beginning and the task was to make it better.

The final result, images.

Some of the changes made:

  • Hat store
  • Random level segments with moving platforms
  • Power-ups
  • Currency system
  • Health
  • All models and art except the player model is self made in blender.

The game we stared out with and did heavily modifications to.

You could only strafe left and right. The goal was to collect the yellow orbs.




DownloadGoogle Drive


BotApp [Alpha]

BotApp is an app that grabs the speedlimit from your GPS-position and your speed, and then calculates the fine if you go over.

[Currently broken due to changes in vegvesenets API]

Early version


A game made in unity I’m working on in my spare time. The game is inspired by the work done at Norwegian post offices.